Collagen Lift Typical Earnings (Purchase Outright)

An illustration of the potential earnings, when purchasing a SkinBase™ Collagen Lift machine, outright.

Purchase Typical Earnings

When you purchase the Collagen Lift machine outright, you’ll get to keep 100% of the profits so the amount you earn depends entirely on how many treatments you perform and how much you charge for them.

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Earnings Illustration for the Collagen Lift System, Purchase Outright Option

For this example, we’ll base the figures on 30 mins worth of treatment for £95 as we did on the PAYG example (20 mins treatment time and 10 mins preparation).

Sessions/Week (30 Mins at £95)Net Profit/WeekNet Profit/Year
1 x 30 Min£95£4940
2 x 30 Min£190£9880
3 x 30 Min£285£14,820
4 x 30 Min£380£19,760
5 x 30 Min£475£24,700

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