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Your Client Experience Based on The Five Senses

As a business operating in the beauty salon industry, you will already have an understanding of the importance of experience when it comes to providing a great service. Clients come to you as an escape from their lives; investing their time and money in an experience which offers both aesthetic and psychological benefits. 

So, how can you set yourself apart from your competitors and deliver a service which is truly outstanding? Well, by using our range of SkinBase equipment you are already halfway there! From there, it’s all about how you use your client’s senses to provide them with a lasting impression. 


This is all about you and your business, and the way you present your salon to the clients. Remember that the first impression your client gets won’t come from the results of their treatment or even from your attitude – it comes from the sight that greets them as soon as they step through your door. Make your salon inspiring and relaxing; create a sense of luxury and exclusivity; keep the space clean and tidy.


Depending on where your salon is located and what kind of vibe you are looking to emanate, the way you approach this one will likely shift and change. However, the main thing to focus on is ensuring that your more relaxing treatments are given the respectful quiet they deserve – with no loud noises filtering into the space and, if you choose to have music, pick the right tone and style for the experience. 


Much like sound, this one is dependent on external factors beyond your control: in this case, the subjectivity of your clients. We tend to recommend aiming for subtle and fairly neutral scents as these are the least obtrusive. Remember, some people are very sensitive to scents, perfumes especially. Keeping everything around you as fresh and clean as possible is likely the easiest way to ensure the space smells inviting. You could also elevate specific treatments by giving the clients a choice of scents if you wish – this is at your discretion. 


Super simple – keep your coffee fresh, keep your teabags classy, and keep your biscuits and treat cupboard well-stocked. Luxury can be found in the simplest of indulgences.


This is where you need to be smart as a business owner. It’s very easy to throw your all into creating luxury through expensive materials and fine fabrics; however, you need to be smart and invest your money into the right products. Consider the client journey inside your salon and move around your space from the point of view of a client. Think about the drinks, mugs and water glasses you hand them; consider the quality of the towels and robes you offer them; look around and see which areas of the salon your client will come into contact with and elevate them as much as possible. 

Creating luxurious experiences doesn’t have to be a heavy investment; nor does it have to take a great deal of time to implement. Simply focus on the five key senses and build a high-quality experience from there. 

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