IPL machine gets top marks

Why the SkinBase IPL machine gets top marks

Looking for a hair removal system that truly works? If you are a professional beauty therapist looking at bringing in a new treatment, then look no further than the SkinBase IPL machine for proven hair removal and skin rejuvenation results.

Voted top, above the Lynton and Ellipse systems in Professional Beauty magazine, we here at SkinBase couldn’t be more proud.

Increase your income with the SkinBase IPL system

Take your salon or clinic to the next level with the SkinBase™ (IPL) Intense Pulsed Light machine on PAYG. Boost your profits to over £300 per hour and provide your clients with the best in permanent hair reduction. The SkinBase™ intense pulsed light machine is the most advanced technological system in the aesthetic field, it is Medical CE certified and manufactured in Europe.

Why SkinBase?

Our IPL system has an industry leading spot size, so treatments take less time than with other machines. The machine also incorporates a “cryo-handset” used to cool the area before treatment. The cryo-handset gives a chemical free local anaesthetic effect. As a result, you no longer need cool packs or gel for treatments, saving you, even more time and expense.

Your clients will need a course of treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction. However, the exact number will depend on the area treated as well as individual properties of your client’s hair and skin pigmentation.

How do you get started with IPL?

Getting started is easy. Simply request a brochure on our website and one of our dedicated IPL team will take you through what is required in detail and answer any questions you may have. We hold training sessions twice a month so you can usually be performing your first treatments within six weeks.

We will look forward to having you onboard as our latest IPL Therapist.

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