What Does Your Business Say

What Does Your Business Say About You?

If you regularly read our blog, you’ll know how important we think it is to make a good first impression. Your first impression is sending out a message about the kind of person you are, and ultimately, that impression will affect your business from the outset, good or bad. 

So, if you think about new clients and when they meet you for the first time, what is it that you want them to think about you and your business? What reasons do you want to be memorable for? We’ve pulled together a list of some of the key qualities you want to shine through when making a first impression. 

Knowledgeable – exuding knowledge about the treatments and services you provide is absolutely vital when it comes to making a good first impression. If you know what you’re talking about, clients are more likely to come to you. 

Professional – it’s great to be friendly and even have a bit of banter with your clients but it’s also essential that you uphold a level of professionalism at all times. 

Friendly – people are attracted to those who are friendly, so smile and engage with anyone you come into contact with as you never know, they could become long-term clients. 

Open and welcoming – if you are welcoming, whether it’s when someone takes a step through your salon door or via your body language, if you make people feel comfortable in your company and more likely to come back for more. 

Discreet and confidential – working in the industry you work in, it’s really important to uphold a level of confidentiality at all times. You may be dealing with sensitive treatments or individuals who aren’t confident in themselves, so being discreet and mindful of your clients from the get-go could influence them to use your services. 

Clean and well-presented – you, your team and your salon should always be clean and well-presented. In terms of clothing, smart but casual makes a great first impression. And when it comes to your salon, refresh it every 6 – 9 months by giving it a fresh lick of paint. Always ensure it’s clean, comfortable and welcoming, and hopefully, your clients will come back time again. 

Forward-thinking – are you on top of the latest beauty trends? It’s not always easy to tie this in when making a first impression, but you should always be thinking of ways that you can provide extra value to the client. Recommending SkinBase treatments that would benefit them is a starting point. 

Long-Term Clients 

Whatever you want your clients to think about you, you need to work hard to ensure you’re giving off a good first impression. In a nutshell, if you go above and beyond with new and existing clients, you’ll stand out from the crowd and build a long-term client base. 

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