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Talk About Your Treatments 

Talk About Your Treatments 

Have some treatments gone quiet in your salon? The worst thing you can do is assume people don’t have the money or don’t want to book certain treatments at the moment. It could simply be a case of a potential client not knowing what a particular treatment involves and so they don’t pursue it. 

Use your online platforms and face-to-face appointments to promote the exclusive range of services you offer. Be sure to keep talking about them and let clients know what is available – it’s the only way people will know what excellent treatments you have to offer. 

Here are three of the essential points to cover:

  • What is it?

For example, if we’re looking at Microdermabrasion, you could explain how it works, that it is a safe, controlled treatment and is the leading skincare treatment in the UK and Ireland for complete skin rejuvenation. Share before and after pictures. Your own work best but there are lots on the Facebook page to share if you don’t have many of your own.

  • What does it do?

Discuss that the SkinBase™ facial Microdermabrasion treatment uses a stream of non-allergenic crystals to remove skin’s outermost layers of dead cells. Talk about the many benefits of Microdermabrasion and that it intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, resulting in a youthful look and feel. A video showing the treatment in action that you can share on your social pages work best. Remember people like to absorb information differently, some want to read about it, some people want to watch it or hear about it. 

  • What results can be achieved?

Talk about how the SkinBase™ Microdermabrasion facial uses non-invasive techniques but achieves amazing results. Thus, revealing younger, healthier looking skin from the very first treatment. The skin’s appearance is further improved through increased collagen and elastin production as the body produces a new layer of skin. Talk to your client about how the treatment can work specifically for them too. Free consultations are great for this and can help to promote course bookings.

No matter what treatment you’re talking about, remember to stay consistent and share information on all your amazing treatments regularly. This repetition will remind your audience of exactly what each treatment consists of and make them more inclined to use your services. 

Engage and Educate

Go one step further and really engage your online audience with some creative content. Create video tutorials, walk throughs, or even a demo of the treatment. Facebook algorithms much prefer video content so showcase what you do, and a good little video can be great at generating interest too. 

There are loads of free tools out there to create and edit videos from Viva Video to Boosted. If you’re not up for starring in your video, there’s likely to be a member of your team who would love to get creative and talk about the excellent range of treatments you have to offer.

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