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Salon spotlight on our International stockist – Vata Beauty, France

Today we are chatting to one of our SkinBase stockists based in France, Vata Beauty. Hi Claire, thank you for chatting to us. We can’t wait to pick up some tips from the French and hear about your experiences using our SkinBase microdermabrasion system.

First off, tell us how you came to be running your beauty business in France?

I have lived in France for 10 years, firstly in Paris and then a few years later I moved to the more tranquil setting of the Poitou-Charentes in South West France. Having undergone some research into beauty services available within the area it became apparent that an additional (bi-lingual) beauty business could be accommodated. I had a vision of opening a salon in my new area and being able to offer a full beauty menu to clients in the area. Within three months I had secured a treatment room where clients could come and relax and throw off the stresses of daily life for a while. I was fortunate to build my reputation and client base very quickly and today am in larger premises where more beauty services are offered and where my client list continues to grow.

How does the French’s attitude to skincare differ from our own?

French women have long been revered for their dedication to not only their bodies but also their skincare.  This is most certainly the case in the larger cities, i.e, Paris, but in the more rural, agricultural parts of France not so much these days.  However, in every French Pharmacy there is always an array of beautifully packaged French skincare from Avene to La Roche Posay. This means that there really is no excuse for anyone of any nationality resident here in la belle France not to at least try to follow some sort of skincare regimen.  Most French ladies take some care of their skin, hair and nails and, with at least two beauty salons in most towns (even the smallest) there is definitely no denying that beauty does come up quite high on a French lady’s list of priorities.  I now am the official stockist of Deciem’s The Ordinary skincare range in France, and I am finding that it has universal appeal to all.  Skincare is still alive and well here even in deepest rural France.

Have you picked up any beauty tips from the French?

Eat little and often with the main meal at lunchtime. French people take lunchtime, in fact, any meal time quite seriously and stopping to eat at the table for at last an hour and a half is important.  This might seem strange as we grab a pre packed sandwich in front of our computer screens but it’s actually very sensible. A main meal taken in the middle of the day keeps us from eating too heavily in the evening and piling on the pounds. The French also drink a lot of water which is great for all our internal organs as well as our skin (the largest organ in our body). In addition, it stimulates our metabolism and keeps us from eating too much at any time of the day. As most French people in the South West of France live to well past 80 years of age I reckon that all of this is worth incorporating into our daily regime. A well-hydrated body promotes a healthy and youthful appearance so the locals seem to be on to something.

How long have you been offering SkinBase treatments in your business?

I have been lucky enough to have Skinbase Microdermabrasion in my Treatment Room for almost 5 years. It is one of the treatments that I offer that continues to grow in popularity.

What made you decide to choose SkinBase?

Having researched many different Microdermabrasion suppliers I decided to offer Skinbase within my Treatment Rooms. Their customer service is excellent and I felt very confident bringing their microdermabrasion system into my salon. The quality of the machine and also their client focused ethos was important to me. I continue to be impressed with their level of commitment to their therapists and clients and am delighted that they now have a Skinbase Clients’ Forum on Facebook dedicated to clients past, present and future where current Skinbase Therapists can answer any and all queries that clients may have. I truly admire their philosophy and their appreciation of clients and therapists alike. They are also a really friendly bunch at Skinbase HQ.

What skin complaint do you most commonly treat with your SkinBase machine?

Mostly my clients come to me because they feel a bit grey and need a boost. Once a client has had just one session not only are they thrilled with their rejuvenated, glowy skin but are amazed by how their skin tone is improved. Lately, however, I have been treating a number of ladies for acne and acne scarring and the results have been wonderful and these clients are amazed at how different their skin feels and looks. One client came to me as a last resort before taking heavy duty medication. Five weeks on from her first treatment she no longer is seeking mediation and has stopped wearing makeup to hide her complexion. Another client told me that her husband, who normally notices nothing, commented that he knew his wife would possibly look fresher but hadn’t realised how truly different her skin would look post microdermabrasion. She tells me he is very encouraging of her visits for treatment. These things make me a very happy therapist.

What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

The results from Microdermabrasion on acne scarred skin is so dramatic that I can’t help but favour this. To see my client beaming from ear to ear and telling me I am a miracle worker is something that money just can’t buy. Job satisfaction at its best!

What inspires you?

My clients inspire me. My future clients, whom I may not as yet have met, inspire me. Beauty is a passion and I have often been referred to by friends and clients alike as a ‘geek’.  I am quite proud of this perception of me as a beauty nerd as it means that people can see that I care deeply about my profession and about the best possible results for all my clients.

what are your go-to resources for keeping up-to-date with the Industry?

Beauty Industry magazines, the wonderful World Wide Web and talking to other beauty professionals.  Keeping up to date with everything involved in my job is super important and I spend many hours following emerging trends and new treatments and products.

Claire Jones

tel: +33 (0)6 81 14 33 78
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