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Relaunch plan? Get a new treatment lined up

Already thinking about how you will relaunch when lockdown is lifted? You’re not alone! Savvy business owners are starting to think about how to build and grow their business coming out of lockdown. Remember, clients haven’t been able to spend their money on the usual regular salon treatments, holidays, restaurant trips and days out so they will be looking for ways to spend and treat themselves once social distancing is lifted. Make sure you have something NEW to attract clients.

Recession Proof

If you are feeling a bit unsure about taking on something new during this time remember, what we do know (we’ve been here before in 2008) is that the Beauty Industry is recession proof. People will always want beauty treatments. Even when clients say they have no money, they find money for their treatments. Their skin has no doubt been neglected, healthy eating and exercise probably out the window and so let’s offer a solution that will get clients back in shape. 

Recession Busting

Our SkinBase microdermabrasion systems are recession busting. With no investment required and full training and a two week free trial included, we give you everything you need to start making a profit straight away.

Our trainers are eager to get started again as soon as it is safe to do so. Book a trial today to go on our waiting list for training. As soon as the lockdown is lifted we will be in touch to book your training. In the meantime, we will dispatch the marketing pack and send you all the promotional links to advertise and promote your new treatment online. Book a free trial now.

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