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Play to Your Strengths

Play to Your Strengths!

One of the biggest questions we get asked by beauty salon owners in the industry is how to stand out – especially when everyone offers similar products and treatments, delivered in much the same way. Our honest answer? It’s all about playing to your strengths and understanding how you can adapt and adjust the delivery of your own treatments to optimise the client experience. 

Make It Personal

This may sound super obvious, but personal experiences are often the ones that are the most underrated – and yet the most appreciated – they stick in the mind. Think about the last time you were greeted by a local business owner in your area. Was there an air of familiarity and friendship, or was the welcome corporate and impersonal?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it professional – as we are about to explore in our next point. But if you know the client or can, in some way, personalise their experience with you, then you should certainly make the effort to do so. 

Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Using the customer’s first name from the minute they walk in the door.
  • Creating personalised offers based on the treatments they like.
  • Remembering details from previous appointments – We know salon owners and hairdressers are very good at this and it’s a skill to instil and encourage in your junior team members. If it needs to be written down it’s well worth the effort of keeping a CRM database!
  • Birthday gifts and client anniversaries (for example, one year after their first treatment with you!)
  • Knowing their preferences; favourite drink or biscuit for example

Make It Professional

There is, as in any industry, a fine balance between creating personal experiences and keeping it professional. For example, if a client shares personal information with you during a treatment, it is not your place to remember or bring this up again – however, asking after the health of family members they talk about or the progress of their house renovations is perfectly acceptable.

In essence, there is nothing wrong with greeting your clients like friends – this creates a warm welcome and a pleasant client experience. However, remember that they are paying you for a service and, first and foremost, they are paying customers who deserve a high-quality and professional service. 

Make It Memorable

Whether it’s the cup of tea you offer halfway through the treatment, or the personalised offers you create for your customer in line with their favourite treatments, creating stand out experiences is what will separate you from the competition. Remember what they love, find out what makes a great experience for them and provide it. 

Be Realistic

If you can’t help a client or customer, or feel like they might need support from a more specialised therapist, then be realistic and helpful! It’s completely okay to say that you don’t think you can provide the support or treatment they need, as long as you then offer solutions which will help them. Recommend other treatments and other service professionals or promise to look into it for them and then contact them with some suggestions. Playing to your strengths is all about taking a good service and making it great, through professionalism and personalisation to create an optimised client experience – every time! 

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