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top tips for a busy salon

Our top tips for a busy salon in the New Year

We’ve got some notoriously quiet months coming up so use this busy Christmas period to entice clients back in during January and February. Here are some of our top tips for a busy salon in the New Year…

Talk to clients

We hear customers say, ‘my clients aren’t interested’, or ‘I’ve already posted about it on my page’, but to get your message across to clients requires consistent and regular messaging. How many times have you scrolled past a post or deleted an email without reading it? Sometimes the timings not quite right, or the message isn’t right but that doesn’t mean you should stop. Talk to clients in person, message them, email them. Post about your treatments; images, videos, FAQs. Keep spreading the word constantly. Messages take time to get through.


The easiest way is to get into the habit of rebooking. This allows you to plan and spot any gaps in your columns in the weeks and months ahead. Also, if your slots next month are mostly full then there you create ‘scarcity’ and clients won’t want to miss out. Ensure sure you have a robust booking policy in place to avoid cancellations an no-shows.

Gift Cards

So, assuming you have got some clients rebooked for January, now you know where your gaps are to fill. If there is a particularly slow week you could offer an upgrade on gift cards. Rather than selling them at a discount in December, why not add value to them when used at certain points in Jan/Feb to fill empty spaces. You could either add 10% value to the gift cards, or offer treatment upgrades for voucher users.  An offer such as ‘Use a gift card during January to book a microdermabrasion treatment and receive a complimentary upgrade’.

Host an Event Day

Hosting an event day is a great way to showcase a new or even an existing treatment. Put the spotlight back on the treatment with a special event all about it. You could use your SkinBase promotional day to do this for SkinBase treatments. Host an event evening and post live videos and demonstrations on your social channels. Use the day to create some content, talk about the treatment and get your clients to talk about how it feels too for that ‘social proof’.

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