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New Ways to Promote Your Business 

There are lots of innovative and new ways that you can promote your business. From wedding fayres to online platforms, reaching out to prospective new clientele is essential if you want to boost your sales and put your name on the map.

When budgets are tight, marketing might be the first expense you look to cut. However, there are a number of ways that you can successfully market your business without having to break the bank. Read on to find out more.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

While traditional advertising methods tend to be more costly (although you can get some great deals on printing)  and not always successful, it’s the only form of marketing that small business owners tend to know. But with so many digital tools available, the world is your oyster but it can be tricky knowing where to start.

Traditional marketing includes print advertising such as ads in local newspapers, magazines and flyers or posters as well as billboard advertising. Before the rise of digital marketing, this used to be a sure-fire way to get clients to notice your business and step foot through your door. However, nowadays, you need a bit more online savvy in order to successfully promote your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with those who have had treatments with you before or used your services. If you’ve collated a list of people’s email addresses, excellent. If not, this isn’t for you just yet.

Send out information about upcoming promotions, opening and closing times and any new products that you have in store. This is also an inexpensive method of paid marketing as so many online mail campaign sites offer free trials and great discounts.

Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, social media is a must for your business. If you are not very confident about it, pick one social media channel and concentrate on this first. For many prospective clients, social media is the most convenient way for them to find out information and get in contact.

Social media platforms are also a great way to advertise for free as you post and manage your own content as and when it suits you. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular sites for businesses in the beauty industry. Use an app like Buffer to save you time and schedule your social posts for the week.

Spread the Word

Good old fashioned communicating on a face-to-face level can really go a long way. For a lot of people, it helps them put a face to a name and means that you can speak to people about what you do and can offer. Getting involved in events such as wedding fayres, local business meetups and even offering pamper parties can be effective ways of drumming up business.

Word of Mouth

The old saying that word of mouth is really the most effective form of free advertising out there is absolutely true. So as long as you’re providing a good service that makes people want to shout from the rooftops about you, you’re likely to generate business from happy customers. After all, people who experience a wonderful service from start to finish will absolutely have to tell their friends, won’t they?

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