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Get Serious About Retail

It’s Time to Get Serious About Retail

Do you retail products? Are you selling as many as you could? We are going through an unprecedented time with the national lockdown and it’s preventing us from doing what we know and love as well as seeing our income plummet. If you usually wait for clients to ask you about your retail products then you could be missing out on a great income stream. Lots of companies are offering ways to get products direct  to clients and help you earn some cash, SkinBase included (more info on this in our Facebook therapist group).  

Big Business

Retail is huge business in the beauty industry. Think about this, other than a simple conversation with your clients (which can be easily be carried out over the phone or through an online consultation at the moment), it doesn’t cost you money to promote the selection of products you offer, just a little bit of your time.

Make your professional recommendations

The most effective way to increase your profits is to talk about your products in conversation. This can usually be done during treatments, however, we don’t have this luxury at the moment. Waiting for clients to ask you is never going to work long term, and if you value your clients, then you will make sure you recommend products that will help them. From a product to tame the frizz, to a cuticle cream to look after their nails, to a course of treatments that will help their skin concerns, value your client by making recommendations based on your professional knowledge and training. After all, you’re the expert, and these recommendations should be included in your service.

Demonstrate your products from home

Keep in touch with clients and show how your products work with some lockdown video content on social media. Clients love to see you and a video sharing your tips and recommendations is a great way to drum up some sales and keep you in touch. Make sure to let clients know how they can get hold of these products and the fantastic benefits they offer!

3 Salon Retail Tips to Boost Sales

While we are in lockdown have a think about the layout of your business, can these tips be put into place easily? Retail is going to be more important than ever if reopening means the volume of clients will be less due to social distancing and if you need longer between clients to ensure safety measures and cleaning takes place. Use some of your empty areas to pop a few products on display, if every other chair needs to remain empty for now then rethink how you use that space.

Sell retail at your salon reception

Many people do get tempted at the checkout or reception area of a salon. It’s impulse to want to buy before they leave so they don’t feel like they’re missing out. You can do the same in your salon. Pop some skincare products and handbag essentials on your reception desk. But, most importantly, don’t forget to talk about them when your client comes to pay.

To the Right

Did you know that studies show most people head to the right after first entering a shop? It happens unconsciously, and it’s simply because most people are right-handed. So, ensure your salon has any bargains, and your best retail sellers placed to the right to entice your clients to start to spend.

Create a Focal Point 

Create a focal point at eye level in your salon. A new skincare product on shelving could be the main focal point, with complimentary items placed nearby to encourage multiple purchases.

Top Tip: Ensure your salon retail display is visually balanced. It’s simple to do. Put dark colours (which appear heavier than light ones) lower in the display and lighter coloured products at the top to avoid looking top-heavy. It makes all the difference.

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