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Increased demand

Increased demand for microdermabrasion treatments 

The distinct lack of holidays at the moment has got people looking where to spend their cash and so we’ve seen an upturn in demand for aesthetic treatments through our site. Microdermabrasion in particular is proving very popular and with results like these, we can see why!

fine lines and wrinkles

Microdermabrasion treatments 

This exfoliating treatment is really effective for lots of different skin concerns. Just looking at the before and afters below you can see how it can help a variety of skin concerns. It’s also one of those treatments that make your skin feel amazing (I’ll be honest I’ve been known to stroke my own face after microdermabrasion it feels so soft and smooth!!) so clients can really see and feel results straight away.

Microdermabrasion pedicures 

MD is also great for getting rid of dead skin on the heels and our luxury MD pedicures are proving very popular at the moment amongst clients. It’s sandal season and nobody wants to display their cracked, dry heels in their nice new sandals. 

How can you maximise on this demand for treatments?

Tell everyone! Let people know what everyone else is asking for, nobody likes to miss out, do they? If people haven’t seen the results of an MD pedicure yet now is the time to share it with them and let them know how great they look! 

If you would like to introduce Microdermabrasion to your business get in touch! You can request your free trial below! 

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