Increase Turnover through Frequency 

It’s pretty obvious, so bear with us, but one definite way to increase the turnover of your salon is to get clients through the door more regularly. But it’s not always a simple feat. Introducing new treatments and services can draw in new clients but it doesn’t necessarily make them a regular returning client.

So, how can we encourage our clients not only to come back, but to come back more regularly, and even try out the new treatments that we offer. Read on…

1.  Rebook before they leave

Work your magic and encourage your clients to book back in before they leave the salon. Explain to them that space may book up fast or they may not get an appointment nearer the time so it’s best to organise it while they’re at the salon. Doing this means it’s more likely for them to rebook, guaranteeing their return. 

2.  Keep in touch

When your clients are at the salon, gather their contact details such as email addresses and mobile numbers. Ask their permission to sign them up to special offers (for marketing purposes) while they are there. If you know they need their infills done every 3 weeks or monthly facials, make sure to get in touch and tell them if they didn’t rebook before leaving (the best-case scenario obviously). You can also get in touch with clients you haven’t seen in a while, but remember, keeping hold of existing clients is a lot easier than bringing in new. Also, let them know what social media platforms you’re on so that they can keep up to date. These will also visually remind them to book an appointment. 

3.  Offer a loyalty scheme 

Offering a loyalty scheme or course of treatment offer, as we recommend for SkinBase, can be a great way to get more footfall through the door. You could consider running an offer like book 5 get a 6th free or bring a friend and get a discount. Rewarding your regular clients who are loyal to you will enforce them to be more loyal to you and return long-term. 

4.  Special introductory offers 

If you have clients who come regularly but usually only get the same one or two treatments, consider offering them a special ‘regular client’ discount on a new product or service. It could even be a little taster that gives them a feel for it. By introducing them to new treatments, they may end up booking long term.

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