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How good is your business’s online presence? 

It’s common for therapists to talk about how they don’t think they’re getting much business from their website or even social media. However, it might not actually be the case. If you think about it, when someone is looking to find out information about a business they haven’t heard of before, one of the first things that they’ll do is Google it. If you have a website or even just one social media account, there is a very high chance that you will be visible on a Google search results page.

Are you giving the right impression?

Keep in mind that what searchers find will somewhat influence their decision making. So, for a start, if you have a website, don’t underestimate its importance and make sure to consider the following.

  • Responsive design – does your website allow for users on different devices? When you view your website from a mobile, a responsive design will automatically adjust the website layout to fit the screen. If you have to zoom in and out to view the pages then you might want to look into updating your website.
  • Up-to-date – are contact details, opening hours and other time-sensitive pieces of information regularly updated?
  • Correct pricing – if your pricing is wrong, it can majorly put clients off. Make sure you have an up-to-date price list on your website. 
  • About you – sell yourself and your colleagues. If you or staff have undergone specialist training, shout it from the rooftops. Do what you can to make your salon stand out from the crowd. 
  • Visuals – great pictures of your work or the salon’s interior give people a great insight into what to expect. It’s not always essential that you use a professional photographer, but good shots can go a long way in bringing in new business. 

Making the Most of Social Media 

Nowadays, social media is taking over the online world. It can often be hard to stand out from the noisy crowd of competitors who are on social media, but as long as you’re fully utilising your online accounts, you should be able to appeal to a large audience. Consider the following when it comes to your online social presence. 

  • Making it a stand out profile – have you added a profile and cover photo? Visuals can really entice your audience, but the images must be relevant to what you offer. 
  • Offer additional information – by listing your services, opening times and contact details on social, you’re making it a lot easier for existing and potential clients to get the information they need without having to get in touch. 
  • Allow commenting – you want to invite users to ask questions, leave reviews and talk about their experiences. Therefore, make sure people have the ability to comment. 

Of course, the above are only applicable to the mainstream social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But as long as you follow these basic tips when it comes to your website and social media channels, you’re on the right track of engaging your audiences.

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