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Fail to plan, plan to fail. Salon Goals 2022

Planning ahead is essential to a successful business. Here at Skinbase we have some top tips to help you reach your salon goals in the new year.

Goals for 2022 

What do you want to achieve in 2022? Thriving salon businesses need time and hard work. They also require focus. Setting clear goals at the beginning of the year helps ensure your time is spent on the right things. 

So, let’s say your salon goals are: 

  • Attract new clients 
  • Increase rebooking by 20%
  • Increase average spend by 10%
  • Grow your Salon

Each of these goals is important, but they are also connected.

If you get the first three right, then the last goal is almost a given.

How to achieve those goals

Put time aside each week to work on your goals. If you don’t have the skills, get someone knowledgeable in to help. 

There is some key information you need to know before you begin:

  1. How many clients do you currently have?
  2. How many clients currently rebook?
  3. What is the average spend of your customer?

Improve numbers

There are many ways to attract new clients on social media and in your local area. Always remember, your online presence is now more important than your actual location.

Attract new clients 

  • Introduce a ‘Recommend-a-Friend’ scheme. 
  • Encourage clients to leave reviews on your FB page and google listing. 
  • Use advertising to target your local area.
  • Send an email to your database. You need to keep this regular for it to be effective. 
  • Promote New Year offers before Christmas. Start planning before December! 
  • Invest in a Google Ad Words and Facebook campaign.
  • Host a salon event. Offer discounts to those that attend. 

Increase rebooking

Get clients to rebook by asking them to book their next appointment before they leave. 

You can use phrases like:

  • “I wouldn’t want you to miss out on your regular appointment. We are getting so busy why don’t you book now?”
  • “We are already booking into next month, can I pop your next appointment in?”
  • “I’ll need to see you again in X weeks, let’s book you in now”.
  • “We have a promotion on where you get X% discount on your next treatment.”

Getting clients to rebook also helps you plan those columns so you can see where the gaps and spaces are.

Increase average spend

The dreaded sale. You are not alone – most salon owners don’t like selling. You don’t want to seem pushy – but your clients need your advice on products so they will get the results they want. 

Don’t be shy. Think of it as a consultation rather than a sale. 

If you believe in your products, then so will your clients. So recommend the best option for the results they want. That way you won’t feel forceful – and your clients will feel they are making the best choice for themselves. 

They may not buy immediately, but the idea will be in their mind for their next visit. Don’t take it personally if they say no, look at it as an opportunity to see how you can improve what you are offering to fully meet their needs.

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