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Would You Offer a Guarantee on Treatments? 

It’s an unfortunate situation to find yourself in but, from time to time, there will be the odd customer who isn’t happy. Whether that’s with the treatment or with the service provided. If this is something that has happened to you, how did you deal with it? If it hasn’t happened to you, how do you imagine that you would deal with it?

No one wants their customers to complain but when they do, it’s important that it’s handled professionally and sincerely. After all, you can’t please all the people all of the time. You do however want your customers leaving your salon feeling happy. While there are ways to deal with complaints, offering a money back guarantee from the outset can really reinforce a level of trust in your services. This incentive is rather old school but it’s been successful in drawing in and retaining customers for many years.

Reduce the ‘Risk’

Offering a money back guarantee on your products and services will instil confidence in what you offer. After all, if your salon is great, why would you ever need to give a customer their money back? What thousands of other businesses have discovered over time is that the money back guarantee option reduces the perceived risk of the product. It is rarely ever challenged by customers.

While it may be more appealing to offer a money back guarantee to existing loyal customers, it can, in fact, be used as a highly effective marketing tool to potential new customers. When someone wants to try a new treatment for the first time, they may be concerned that it’s not for them. Studies show that if a salon offers an incentive such as a money back guarantee, the potential new customer feels more confident in making the purchase.

Increased Level of Trust

When you offer a guarantee of any kind, customers tend to be impressed by the fact that you stand behind your product. They generally aren’t considering that they might get their money refunded. Simply put, the fact that you’re offering a money back guarantee has to mean that the product works well. Particularly, if you operate in a market that’s already full of other companies offering similar products and services. A money back guarantee scheme is a great way to stand out from the crowd and emphasise your brand.

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