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Keep your clients in the know with the most up-to-date beauty news from the experts at SkinBase. We bring you the latest in beauty related news from K-Beauty to the latest bum lift treatments, beauty news explores all the latest trends in beauty, health and skincare from around the world. We scour the web and use our insider contacts to keep you abreast of the latest beauty related news.

The latest non-surgical advancements

Our passion is enhancing skin non-surgically, therefore, expect to hear lots about the latest non-surgical advancements. We’ll also share the best tips for keeping your skin youthful and vibrant without having to go under the knife. Beauty at SkinBase is all about achieving the youngest you using non-surgical methods hence we offer treatments that work with the body’s own natural healing. So start on your path to perfect skin using SkinBase treatments including; Microdermabrasion, Collagen Lift and IPL.

course of treatments
Collagen Lift Treatment

Why a course of treatments is your clients’ best option

We’ve asked our senior trainer, Sarah Beeston, for her advice booking courses. Sarah’s top tip is to really take the time to educate and explain to your clients the benefits of booking a course of treatments rather than simply offering a discount. Read on for more great advice from our very own SkinBase trainer.

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October Awareness Days 
Beauty Business

Upcoming October Awareness Days 

There are lots of reasons to celebrate your fantastic business, but a good way to increase engagement and even grow your client list is to utilise the bevy of awareness days that take place all the time!

So, what’s happening in October that you can get involved in? 

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breast cancer
SkinBase News

SkinBase are donating £1 per treatment during October

During October, SkinBase will be donating £1 for every treatment carried out to the inspirational charity, Breast Cancer Now. We’re excited because we know that with the help of our SkinBase therapist network carrying out these treatments we can really make a huge impact and a massive donation to this fantastic charity. But to do this –we need everyone to treat themselves to a facial (hey that doesn’t sound too difficult does it?!).

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stand out in a crowd

How to stand out in a crowd

In times of economic uncertainty (let’s face it none of us are really sure how Brexit will affect us) we need to make sure we stand out in a crowded market place. So how can we do it?

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