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Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics for Your Salon

To build the best relationship with your clients, be conscious of your body language.  From the very first time you meet them, you are communicating your feelings without saying a word! You can convert the clients you have attracted into loyal high-spending customers with our body language basics.

Body language is a true reflection of your inner emotions. So put them at ease before you even start speaking. How do we do this?

Smile and Make Eye Contact

Be friendly from the get-go. Smile and lean towards your client. This will make them feel welcome and at ease. Show you are actively engaged and listening. Make eye contact. Strike the right balance so they feel relaxed and respected. During the consultation always be face to face. This will make your client trust and believe in you.

Maintain a Good Posture

Another body language basic: never slouch. Keep your shoulders relaxed, stand up straight. Avoid fidgeting with hair or jewellery. Don’t bite your nails or cross your arms and legs. This shows nerves which may undermine your authority as a therapist. It also appears defensive which can put the client off. Try to keep your feet still. Jiggling about can be distracting and put your client on edge. It is also a sign you are not listening properly.

Respect Personal Space

We have all got used to social distancing and having personal space. As things return to normal try not to crowd your client. Even though the job requires a certain amount of getting up close and personal, try to respect their space unless you know them very well.

Break Down Barriers

Try to avoid having any physical barriers between you and your client. If you are holding an object, hold it at waist level rather than chest level. A physical barrier can turn into a mental one. This is particularly important when dealing with a challenging client. Stay in control and don’t appear defensive or annoyed.


Nodding is a body language basic. It encourages people to talk to you. It shows you are interested in what they are saying and encouraging them to carry on. Tilting your head to one side shows you are sympathetic. 

The wrong kind of body language will drive people away and drive down profit. So what are you waiting for? Start smiling, stop jiggling and keep your clients engaged.

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