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results for clients

Getting the best results for clients

We know that the skin’s condition is affected by environmental factors and also what we put into and onto our skin and so it makes sense that for clients to get the most out of a course of SkinBase facials we need to make sure they are not sabotaging our best efforts elsewhere!

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June awareness days
Beauty News

June Awareness Days

Another month’s wait until we can look to reopen our doors but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep engaging with our clients. There are lots of awareness dates in June, here are some ideas for you.

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Get Serious About Retail
Beauty Business

It’s Time to Get Serious About Retail

Do you retail products? Are you selling as many as you could? We are going through an unprecedented time with the national lockdown and it’s preventing us from doing what we know and love as well as seeing our income plummet. If you usually wait for clients to ask you about your retail products then you could be missing out on a great income stream.

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