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reach out to clients
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A Bit on The Quiet side? Reach Out to Clients 

If you read our blog about getting your quiet period booked up then hopefully you’re reaping the rewards of that hard work. Certain times of the year can be quiet in the salon, traditionally after Christmas and October/November can be a quiet time before the Christmas rush. It makes sense then to have plans in place to prepare or deal with this lull. If you have a database full of clients, a phone and a spare few minutes you can make sure there are no gaps in your diary.

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SkinBase IPL training dates
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SkinBase IPL Upcoming Training Dates

We are very pleased to announce that our office is now open again and taking bookings for training. Training sessions will be limited to just 6 spaces per session to allow for your safety during training.

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July awareness days
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July awareness days and key dates

Another month nearly over, we are still waiting here in the UK for a date to reopen salons and while we wait keeping in touch with clients is something we can do to keep ourselves connected with our audience on social media. Here are the July awareness days coming up.

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Our 5 top beauty business
Beauty Business

Our 5 top beauty business tips to make your business work for you.

Lockdown has probably given you time to have a good think about your business and no doubt there will be changes you want to make. It may be time to reassess how your business runs after lockdown ends and make sure that it is working for you, in both a profitable way and a way that benefits your work/life balance.  Here we look at a few ways salon and beauty business owners can make some positive changes to improve ther business profitability.

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Naming your beauty business
Beauty Business

What’s in a name? Naming your beauty business

Who’d have thought that naming a beauty business could be so tricky? For some, the perfect name just comes in an instant, but for others (and we know this feeling all too well), it can be challenging to come up with the perfect name.

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