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Client hasn’t returned? Get in touch!

We have seen some discussions about the topic of contacting clients who haven’t returned after the first lockdown in the various therapist groups on Facebook and we see people saying if they’ve not been back since lockdown they would just leave it, well we wouldn’t! Here are a few ideas to keep in touch with those clients you haven’t seen back at the salon yet.

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Beauty Business

Lockdown 2.0

So here we are again. Many areas of the UK and Ireland are now back in lockdown and so we’ve been thinking about what we can do during this time to help our businesses and sell products and treatments…

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Beauty Business

How to engage with clients during lockdown 2.0 

For many of us in the UK we are in a new lockdown and while we can’t see our clients for now we can make sure to engage with them online. This goes for everyone and should be a habit you get into to add real value to your social channels.

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Reassure Clients

Reassure Clients About COVID-19 Safety Measures in Your Salon

As beauty professionals, we are there to put our clients at ease and to help reassure them during these unprecedented times. But we must also understand that some clients might not feel ready to return just yet. As a starting point, we should be ensuring that all staff are trained to the highest standard and risk assessments and procedures are checked and assessed regularly. Share this information with clients to reassure them and let them know what you are doing to ensure a safe environment. 

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